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are Aqua Trek 1 Unisex Drysuit


Whether your customers are cave, deco, or simply recreational divers, The Bare Aqua Trek 1 Unisex Drysuit is a lightweight, flexible, breathable and durable drysuit that is perfect for any environment in Australia.

BARE has been designing and producing drysuits for SCUBA diving, water sports, offshore safety and survival industries for over forty years, that’s why they’re global leaders in exposure suits.

All products undergo extraordinary testing in demanding scenarios and conditions to ensure that BARE divers have a perfectly crafted suit that will stand up to the challenges of any environment.

Aqua-Trek 1 is ready, wherever your customers’ adventures take them.

Tailor-made for Australian conditions

Bare Aqua Trek 1 Features

  • An exclusively engineered Cordura Nylon Oxford 4-Layerfabric means it is lighter than traditional tri-laminate suits on the market
  • Breathable yet very durable and flexible for the most challenging environments
  • Soft yet durable field-replaceable silicone neck and wrist seals
  • 2 x thigh pockets with anchor points for tidier, more secure storage with internal attachment points
  • Strong and durable seam construction
  • Lightweight and low-profile front zipper for self-donning
  • 2mm nylon smooth skin warm collar with vented neck drain
  • M-PADz knee protection with 2mm neoprene backing for added padding
  • Telescoping torso with field-replaceable crotch strap
  • 4-point braces
  • Includes separate lace-up drysuit boots
  • BONUS Drysuit Bag
  • Available in both Men and Women’s sizes

BARE Aquatrek 1 Drysuit

  • Purchase a BARE drysuit and recieve a free pair of drysuit boots valued at $199

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