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With 4,200 lumens and a 6 degree beam angle this light is great in clear water, but really comes into its own in murky water and silt outs with the narrow beam angle. 


Key design features from diver feedback include:
- 6° beam angle
- 4,200 lumens
- 3.5 hour run time (on full)
- solid aluminium body construction

- sidemount cable exit


Adjustable power settings 

2 year warranty 


Dive Lantern TEC40 Side (4200 lumens)

One of the best value Canister Lights money can buy!  A Dive Light Shop favourite because it: 

  • Has a very tight beam angle 
  • Is the brightest light available in this price range 
  • Comes with the highest quality battery available 

The TEC40 Side is designed for sidemount diving where the cable needs to route at 90 degrees from the battery.



Output Levels and Runtimes
4200 lm / 4 hour
3100 lm / 5.5 hour
2000 lm / 7.5 hour
1000lm / 15 hour
Beam Angle6 Degree
Depth Rating100 m
Battery14.4V 6800mAh Li-ion Battery
Battery indicatorBlue 70-100%
Green 30-70%
Red 5 - 30%
Flashing Red 2 - 5%
Charger3A External Charger
Charge TimeApprox. 3 hours
Weight (including battery)1140g
SwitchPush button (press and hold)
Included in BoxBattery pack
Hard Goodman handle
2 x Spare O-rings
Battery cap

DiveLantern Tec40 4200 lumen Canister Light Sidemount

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