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The DT System is minimal and simple, and designed for the rigorous demands of the discerning doubles diver. Made tough, it comes with all of the components for your backplate and wing kit in one, pre-assembled from the factory. 


The foundation for the DT system starts with our new stainless steel backplate 2.0, with geometry and material choices tailored to your style of diving. We then added our continuous-weave solo harness. It has no buckles that can fail, and no extra parts that you don’t need. 


Rounding out the DT system is our new DT50 doubles wing and, with a radical redesign, it’s ideal for various sized double cylinders and colder waters. The DT50 also promotes greater lift towards the divers hips for better horizontal trim.  


Lastly, it includes our new Backplate Backpad 2.0, which is designed to pivot out of the way when installing your kit on a set of doubles. Be sure to add a set of cam bands for the occasional single tank dive.

HOLLIS DT 50 System

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