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Purchase this complete package and recieve a 1-2 hour in person* or online video consultation on how to set up your harness configuration from Tim Muscat - an experienced technical diving insturctor trainer 


The Hollis Solo Double System includes the Hollis Solo Harness, C45 LX Wing, Aluminium back plate and 7.25 Tank Band and bolt kit.


The Hollis Solo Harness System is a continuous one piece harness system that has been designed to meet the demanding needs of technical divers. It is a clean and simple design with removable shoulder pads and six stainless steel D-rings. It weighs only 0.45kg.


The Hollis C45 LX Dual Wing is a twin tank donut made from a durable 1680D cordura exterior bladder and a 420-Nylon internal bladder. It's design includes a 360 degree internal retraction system, allowing you to have a streamlined rig at all times. It has a lower left dump relief valve, a centrally located inflator mechanism and corrosion resistant stainless steel drain grommets.


The Hollis Aluminium Back Plate is a light alternative to a heavy, steel back plate. It is approximately 3mm thick and weighs 2 lb. It has a rigid design with attachment points for both single or twin cylinders, cam bands, a crotch strap and for other accessories. The Hollis Aluminium back plate is designed to attach the Hollis harness, bladder, back padding for extra comfort and other accessories. 


The Hollis 7.25 Tank Band and Bolt Kit is made from 316 marine grade stainless steel that is extremely durable and corrosion resistant. It is 7.25 inches in size with a band width of 2.5 inches. Designed to fit 9L, 10.5L and 12.2L tanks, this product comes with its own bolt kit attachments- bolts, nuts and washers. 

Hollis Solo Twin Cylinder System

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